Smile Until It Hurts EP

by Velouria

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released May 25, 2013

Written by Michael Harp, John Denton, and Deanna Medina
Recorded at Ol Elegante Studios
Tracked and Mixed by Les Nuby III
Mastered by Jason Hamric
Artwork and Design by Mary Grace Tracy



all rights reserved


Velouria Birmingham, Alabama

Emotional dream pop/indie rock from Birmingham, AL

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Track Name: Grey Matter
Warm hands,
cold shoulder.
Black heart,
white lies.
I've got no soul,
got nobody,
and only this I know:

Eyes shift,
knees tremble.
Blink once,
I'm gone.'s just grey matter.
Watch it as it grows.
It's time for you to go,
and only this I know.
Track Name: Fire Escape
Stairs fall out from underneath me
as the ceiling meets the ground,
and these unforgiving walls
they crumble gently.
Oh this building is burning down...

I leaned on pillars made of dust from all the demons that I've shaken,
and every path I take just leads me straight to nowhere.
But how your mouth would open up and speak the phrase I did remember
in that cold December that will never cease to be.
Oh these buildings are burning down...

We slept a hundred million nights without a single sign of waking,
silence never breaking, falling down with every step.
And these flames will melt the ice and we will dance like we are children
who never had to listen to their wicked words again.
Oh this building is burning down...
Track Name: Compulsive Behaviour
With my pants around my ankles
and a cross around your neck,
will I be that God-forsaken bastard
that they choose to resurrect
this time around?

"I will fix you if you're broken,
if you've fallen out of line.
Weigh me down,
a hundred thousand troubles.
Give me yours, I'll give you mine.
Oh this time around..."

"You should have known that I don't want you."
God only knows how much I need you.
"I want to be the ghost that haunts you."
I want to be the fire that feeds you.

How can I miss you if you never left at all?
Track Name: Speak
Lay me down on the dirty ground,
Speak your words,
Tell me things that I do not want to hear.

But it’s for my own good,
and it’s for your own good,
and it feels oh so good,
but who’s to say what’s good?

Help me now to reconcile
who I am with who I’m supposed to be.
Hear me out.
I swear to God the sunshine is coming soon,
just never soon enough.

Ever feel like we’re falling asleep with our eyes wide open?
Ever feel like we’re tumbling backwards in time?
Can you carry the weight of the world with your mind?
I’m hoping
that you’ll carry my name through the dark of the night.

We all have something sinister,
a mighty secret to undress.
You're just a riddle to caress until the sky falls down.
Track Name: Smile Until It Hurts
You can smile until it hurts you
or laugh until you cry.
Pretty pictures on a screen,
somewhere in between,
I'm drowning in your eyes.

And it's pretty far from perfect,
but as perfect as it gets.
I hope the last thing I remember
is what it feels like to forget.

Old skin, I have left you.
Truth and it's alive.
My reflection is all I see.
It was only make-believe.
We though that we could fly.

All the words that go unspoken
and the ones we never meant.
All the silences unbroken
by the letters never sent.

Come along now,
we've got to find a way out.
Look alive now,
take what you want from me.
I still get blindsided by the way how
you say nothing at all but mean everything.